Asset Building Impact of a Limited Equity Housing Cooperative

This brief report by David Thompson quantifies the economic benefits and other outcomes for residents of the Dos Pinos limited equity housing cooperative in Davis, CA during the period between 1985 and 2005.  The report estimates the annual housing cost savings relative to renting and market rate homeownership, the return on an owner’s invested capital, the owner’s tax benefits, and the savings on real estate transaction costs that sellers realize relative to other forms of homeownership.  

The nearby market-rate Sequoia Apartments at 2255 Sycamore were built the year before Dos Pinos, and the units are about the same square footage. The 50-unit Sequoia Apartments are comparable in quality and looks with Dos Pinos and are about the same density per acre.



Download: The Long-Term Value of Cooperative Homeownership

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