Shared equity homeownership has been growing in popularity because, compared with other approaches to affordable homeownership, these models do a better job of balancing a number of key community goals, including:


Preserving Affordability

Shared equity homeownership provides a way to preserve affordability of publicly assisted homeownership opportunities so that they can serve one generation of homeowners after another. Learn more…


Asset Building

At the same time, shared equity homeowners are generally able to build meaningful wealth, making this form of ownership one of the most promising asset building strategies available to lower income households. Learn more…

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Neighborhood Revitalization

By offering residents a real economic stake in housing but preserving affordability, shared equity homeownership offers a tool for revitalizing distressed neighborhoods without contributing to displacement. Learn more…

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Many cities and counties and several states are employing shared equity homeownership programs as part of their response to the foreclosure crisis buying vacant properties and restoring them to use today while protecting affordability for the future when a market recovery will inevitably push prices once again out of reach. Learn more…


Smart Growth

In other communities, shared equity homeownership is being used as a tool for maintaining mixed income communities as smart growth and transit oriented development policies bring higher income residents and commercial development back to long neglected urban areas. Learn more…

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