ROC USA: Supporting resident owned manufactured home communities

ROC USA is a social enterprise that offers training, networking, and financing to help homeowners in manufactured home communities gain security through community ownership. ROC USA solves the financial and technical challenges faced by homeowners when they seek to acquire their manufactured home communities. Today there are roughly 3.5 million US homeowners in an estimated 50,000 manufactured home communities.

Through ROC USA and its national network of Certified Technical Assistance Providers, homeowners can join together with their neighbors to acquire the manufactured home community in which they live, and be secure and thrive in resident-owned communities.

The ROC USA model has been refined and tested over almost a quarter-century.

Experience in New Hampshire has shown that when homeowners come together to convert their manufactured home community to a resident-owned community, they achieve financial independence and economic security, and their pride in their neighborhood and community increases.


ROC USA carries out its mission through two wholly owned-subsidiaries:

ROC USA™ Network trains and certifies non-profit Technical Assistance Providers who provide pre- and post-purchase training services to homeowner groups.

ROC USA™ Capital provides loans to help homeowner groups who are working with a ROC USA™ Certified Technical Assistance Provider to purchase their manufactured home communities.

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