Community Revitalization

Many communities have been negatively impacted by the recent housing bubble.  When prices were rising rapdly, many families found themselves priced out of their neighborhoods.  Falling prices often lead to even more turn over and then to vacant and abandonded homes.  For neighborhoods that have long suffered from disinvestment, shared equity homeownership offers a path to stable, predictable growth instead of either boom or bust.  Today’s investment in restoring and improving the housing stock can be used to help attract homeowners who will put down lasting roots.  And by preserving the affordability of this housing, shared equity homeownership can help prevent displacement when the market picks up again.

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  • Urban Land: CLTs, Foreclosure Prevention and Neighborhood Stabilization
  • This article from the September issue of ULI’s Urban Land magazine provides an overview of the features of community land trusts and their applications under today’s current housing market conditions, particularly how CLTs can be used in the context of foreclosure prevention and neighborhood stabilization. CLTarticle_UL_Sept09

  • Study of Social Capital and Housing Cooperatives
  • This 1998 article from the Fannie Mae Foundation’s Housing Policy Debate documents the practical benefits of “social capital” created through tenant ownership of Housing Cooperatives in New York City. The article presents evidence that social capital can be an effective component of locally sponsored low-income housing programs. It provides a model for measuring social capital […]

  • Survey: Community land trusts lower risk of losing homes to foreclosure
  • Homeowners in community land trusts (CLTs) across the country are much less likely to lose their homes to foreclosure than owners of market-rate homes, according to survey results released by the National CLT Network and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The new data show 2008 closing with a slight 0.52 percent foreclosure rate among […]

  • National Association of Realtors: On Common Ground
  • winter2008_cover_smThis article comes from the Winter 2008 issue of On Common Ground, a publication of the National Association of Realtors focused on smart growth issues. The article describes "a growing trend toward shared equity housing, a trend that, in the past few years, has taken on the momentum of a bullet train." The article profiles several shared equity homeownership projects including the Beecher Cooperative in Washington DC and Southern Lights a " a deed restricted housing project initiated by the Boulder Area REALTOR® Association."

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